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How and Why Did I Get Into Energy Healing Work?

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Energy healing sounds so woo-woo, doesn’t it? Perhaps it conjures up visions of the witches from MacBeth (you remember Shakespeare, don’t you?) Soooo mysterious. How can it possibly be real.

As for me, even though I’ve been reading science fiction since I was little, and to a much lesser extent some fantasy, to me this was an escape, not the real deal. Probably I preferred the sci fi genre because it seemed to have some basis in reality, albeit future possibility. And many of the predictions have come true - and then some.

I have been a “see it to believe it” person. Can you relate? That has likely been the reason I have had difficulty with “faith”. I believe I learned that from my mother. Isn’t that an oxymoron. Even later in her life when I had asked her if she believed in God, she never answered me. I don’t think she did believe. Maybe that bothered her. What was important to her, however, were the traditions of our religion. That, at least, was rather prescriptive: follow the tradition as we know it from our particular culture.

It was difficult for me to feel spiritual, with the exception of music, singing, playing the piano (that’s what they used to call the real thing before keyboards).

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But especially singing and harmony. Looking back, music has special energy vibrations and can be used to enhance, even manipulate moods and emotions. Many businesses use prescribed (based on market research) music to elicit buying behaviors of customers in their stores. I, actually, find most of that annoying, unless it’s something fun to sing along with. But then, I march to my own drummer (as long as it’s not too loud - I like to protect my hearing).

What does this have to do with anything, you ask?

One of my children was born with Down syndrome. That is a genetic defect caused by an extra #21 chromosome, usually just 3 of that chromosome when we’re supposed to have only 2 of them. This is called trisomy 21. Leila (yes, it’s a girl) is different, as she is 14/21 translocation. I’ll explain that another time, but the outcome is the same. Developmental delays, speech impediment, physical features making her look more oriental, etc. In the old days she would have been called a “Mongoloid”. Today that is considered derogatory and years ago my parent group got books with that term taken off the shelves of the local libraries. No, they weren’t burned.

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Anyway, some 33 years later, or so, she was going through something and couldn’t articulate what it was. Abstract thinking is more difficult for her and I’ve learned it’s a waste of time to ask her “why” questions.

We tried everything I could think of. Finally, I was at a woman’s event in CA hosted by the Mojo lady Deborah Kagan and met an interesting lady Sheevaun Moran. Sheevan had a table there and she did something with energy. I had no idea what that meant, but talked to her about Leila. She (Sheevaun) was going to have a class in Scottsdale, AZ, which is a suburb of Phoenix, where I live. (Yes there are living spaces outside Scottsdale.)

Well, I decided to go. I had no expectations whatsoever. But, much to my surprise, it took me 1/2 morning to feel the energy, or rather the edge of an energy field around another person. I was amazed! I thought: THIS IS REAL!

The first thing I learned was to work on myself with just the simple things I can teach you. Later I learned I could work on others, help them keep negative energy away, even clearing it and infusing positive energy. It also works with spaces — homes, rooms, etc, and it doesn’t stop there.

So I can work on Leila and can do it remotely, as in addition to being her mother I am her guardian, so I give myself permission to do so. We don’t even have to know what’s going on with her. Or you, for that matter.

That’s how I got into Energy Mastery and I am an experienced practitioner.

See about some simple things you can learn — Go here to check them out!

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Longtime lyricist-composer of customized songs, harmony specialist, energy healer, backyard farmer, innovative cook, mother, and member of a 2-parrot flock.

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Wendy Weber

Wendy Weber

Longtime lyricist-composer of customized songs, harmony specialist, energy healer, backyard farmer, innovative cook, mother, and member of a 2-parrot flock.