Feeling Better via Energy Healing

3 Unfortunate Misconceptions About Energy Healing

Most people want to get relief from pain and do what they can to avoid pain the the first place.

Some people like pain — I am not speaking to you!

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Unfortunate Misconception #1 Energy Healing will electrocute you.

This is not true. What to do instead — do NOT stick an appendage into an electric socket

Unfortunate Misconception #2 Energy healing hurts.

This is also not true. Most people don’t feel anything during the healing session. They just start to feel relief.

Unfortunate Misconception #3 You have to believe that it works for it to work.

This is definitely not true. All you have to do is to just be open to feeling better. If you don’t want to feel better, don’t bother.

Now I’ve got a surprise for you!

A Bonus Bit —

Start breathing more deeply — when you get more oxygen into your body, you start to feel better. Oxygen is a healing element.

Get started now by visiting (link) to learn how to breathe for health — and a further surprise!


Your Next Step: Now you’re invited to take your next Energy Healing trip, I mean tip, by messaging me here to learn how to breathe for health and wellness.

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Wendy Weber

Wendy Weber

Longtime lyricist-composer of customized songs, harmony specialist, energy healer, backyard farmer, innovative cook, mother, and member of a 2-parrot flock.