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3 Little Known Phases of Energy Mastery

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Phase #1 An Energetic Cleanse for increased clarity and freedom from negative circumstances and people. This is done through removal of energetic cords and cleaning of the strata or auric field, all increasing flow of vital force energy.

Does that sound weird?

Well, if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable when someone invaded your “space”, that’s your outer auric, or, energy field. If you never cleanse your field it’s as never taking a shower or bath to cleanse your body. And, actually, you cannot separate your field from your body. It’s, well, YOURS!

Photo by Tatiana Moreeva on Unsplash

Phase #2 Deep energetic Release. Chakras are cleansed and energized for optimum benefit to the entire energetic and physical bodies. In addition this will support the physical organs that are associated with each chakra.

For example: If you have laryngitis, a sore throat, asthma, etc., you want to have your throat chakra worked on. There are protocols ( an order of things) for different ailments.

Phase #3 Mental and emotional upset, trauma or drama are solved and resolved. This process is more advanced and can speed up any healing of physical, emotional, and mental stress. It is a faster resolution than talk therapy and can help the client to let go of lower thoughts and emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, etc.

I’m not saying to never use these other methods. That is entirely up to you. I, myself, had found that they either do not work for me or take way too long, or both. No longer do I use the microwave - even it it’s fast, it’s not healthy. However I understand the desire to have something ready faster than slower, to have a release more quickly than more slowly. I found that the energy healing fits that bill for me.

Just imagine! What if energy healing did the same for you?

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Wendy Weber

Wendy Weber

Longtime lyricist-composer of customized songs, harmony specialist, energy healer, backyard farmer, innovative cook, mother, and member of a 2-parrot flock.